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Over 25 years of experience. Registered Professional Engineers, Licensed by Texas

Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment
Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment
Fixtures and Gauges
Fixtures and Gauges
Assembly Automation Equipment
Assembly Automation Equipment
Custom Designed Systems
Custom Designed Systems
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development


At Engineering Design Management, our focus is on Machine Design/Product Design/Factory Automation.

Engineering Design Management's extensive and diversified experience in engineering, manufacturing, product design, and business management enables us to objectively approach a project with a view toward your company's needs. We are an engineering and manufacturing company which can design, build, install, and start up your special machine.

In the field of product development we can design the product, select materials, design and build tooling, design the manufacturing process, and design and build the automatic production machinery necessary to produce the product.



Abbott Labs, Inc.
American Hospital Supply
Arco Oil and Gas, Inc.
Argon Medical, Inc.
Dexide, Inc.
Firestone Tire and Rubber
Second Electronics
Technol, Inc.
Fisher Controls, Inc.
Frito Lay, Inc.
G. D. Searle
Intel, Inc.
Johnson & Jonson Medical, Inc.
Levi Strauss & Co.
U. S. Gypson, Inc.
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.
Marlow Industries, Inc.
McGaw Medical, Inc.
Owen Oil Tool
Polydesigns, Inc
Quest Medical, Inc.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
TRW Optoelectronics


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What is the engineering design process?

The moment wheels were invented, everything that man has created started to have a rationale behind them. Put simply, almost all the man-made objects that we see around us have an engineering design component in it. It is a process in which engineers solve problems with the use of scientific principles, technical information, and imagination in the definition of a mechanical structure, machine or system, as well as to execute pre-specified functions with maximum economy and efficiency. Establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation are the fundamental elements of the engineering design process.


To help engineers/designers achieve their objective, tools, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) are utilized. They are an example of software that enables engineers to be creative while supplying the technical requirements of a product.

Some of the popular tools include 3D printers from Stratasys, CAE Suite of Solutions from Altair, PTC Windchill, MATLAB and SIMULINK from the MathWorks. These tools have now grown phenomenally in terms of sophistication and functionality offered since their introduction in the 1960s to automate the task of engineering design.

In simpler words, the main objective of engineering design is to apply scientific knowledge to the solution of technical problems.


Although it is an engineer's responsibility to provide a technical solution, it is crucial to understand that engineering design implicates a solution that is aesthetic as well. This means that designers too should be involved to ensure that the end product is economical, eco-friendly and appeals to users at the same time.

Engineering Design Services

Today's digitalization has made technology more complex than ever before, which is why it's sometimes impractical for an individual to handle the design and development of a new product single-handedly. As such, it's important to have a team of designers and engineers to successfully manufacture a new product.


The design process must be planned thoroughly and executed systematically in order to achieve success. What's more, the engineering design process must combine the various facets of designing in a way that the whole process will become logical and comprehensible. Most of the CAD/CAE software available today are much more advanced as well that they require special training to be understood and utilized. Additionally, the cost of obtaining tools like these is quite expensive.


To conclude, most organizations that want to develop new products outsource their engineering design requirements to companies that provide such services.


Some of the services an engineering design firm provides include:


  • CAD design services

  • CAE design services

  • Moldflow Services

  • Structural Analysis Services

  • FEA services

  • CFD services

  • Thermal Analysis Services

  • Kinematics and Multibody Dynamics Services

  • Noise and Vibration Analysis Services


If your company's in need of some of these services for new product development, you'll need to look for a reputable engineering design firm. Read on as we've gathered a few tips on how.

Look for the engineering design provider’s demonstrable expertise and success in the precise discipline

Surface knowledge of the requirements of the project is not an adequate determining factor whether an engineering design provider is reliable. Be wary of some companies that might fool you with exceptional sales and marketing by displaying skills that only appear to be applicable to a certain project.


Apart from possible deceptive practices of the sales and marketing team, the problem is that the technology being used today is extremely complex. This intricacy makes it harder for a designer to successfully move from one technology to another since the specialization needed to be successful in one technology may not be transferable to the next one.


In light of this, it is essential that you view past the products the engineering design agency considers successful and confirm that it uses the same technologies as your proposed design. Consider hiring an independent consultant to assess the competence of the firm if you do not have the technical ability to make this evaluation. Although it might cost you some money, the benefit of risk reduction will far outweigh your evaluation expenses.

Ask the engineering design company for several positive references and testimonials

A dependable engineering design agency should be able to provide numerous references and testimonials with contact information. Doing so proves that they possess the technology and capacity you require in completing your project on hand. This is a simple request so if they refuse to offer references and testimonials under a non-disclosure agreement, it's probably best to walk away.

Verify if the engineering design firm guarantees their work quality and schedule

The most important factor in considering the right engineering design company for you is their ability to guarantee the schedule and cost targets in their proposal. Remember that development projects are expensive but missing a launch date will definitely cost you more. What's more, you can make up for cost overruns with additional sales but sales lost caused by schedule delays are sales and profit gone forever.

If you really wish to find an engineering design firm that follows through with their words, look no further than Engineering Design Management. Based in Carrollton, Texas the company provides design, automation, and manufacturing solutions for different types of industries. With proficiency in machine and factory automation, as well as medical devices, semiconductor, automotive, consumer products and more, Engineering Design Management can provide the guidance and solutions you need, regardless of the field you're in. Reach out and get started with your project today.

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